Law Society Of Bc Articling Agreement

The Law Society`s admissions program requires a nine-month period, which can be reduced by graduation: the type of work that students do during their articles can go through the field of legal practice. The only requirements are defined by the Law Society in its Articling Skills and Practice Checklist. These requirements include practical experiences in: ethics; Practice management “Lawyer” skills, including research, writing, projecting, representation of interests, negotiation, interviews and problem solving; and three areas of practice on the merits. Because these requirements are fairly general, artistic students should try to learn as much as possible about a business before taking an artistic position to ensure that they get the best out of their articling experience. In addition, the CBA and other organizations offer courses throughout the year on various legal topics, open to both lawyers and students. At Alexander Holburn, we are happy to pay the fee for our students to take two of these courses of their choice during the articling period. The Law Society of B.C. will meet Tuesday for its annual general meeting, where it will decide whether to develop an agreement to develop a collective agreement that will establish several standards similar to those of the Employment Standards Act. The course must be completed prior to the call and accreditation and can be completed at any time after registration. To access the course and complete the modules, participants must register on their student portal. At Alexander Holburn, we believe that the office worker is a valuable experience. We recommend that students apply for an internship if they are so interested.

Although our students who have an office worker only have four months to work in the office, we still guarantee them a full term job. Once called to the bar, they can continue their articling rotations in the same way as if a student is still paid as a first-year associate. “There is this idea that articling is an exhausting year,” said Trevor Hunt, a sophoric second-year student at UBC`s Allard School of Law and academic director of the Student Law Society. “It`s considered the hardest part of your career.” The Law Society does not organize articles. Students must secure a position. Go to your law school`s career guidance office. If you have done an internship, you can request a reduction of the nine-month period of half the referendum time, to a maximum reduction of five months (rule of law 2-63). Law students preparing for a legal career in B.C.

want better labour standards for hard jobs that are mandatory as a lawyer in the province. The final report is completed at the end of the semester. It certifies the performance of the obligations arising from the articling agreement The interim report is concluded approximately halfway through the end-of-period agreement.

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