The Penny Jam – Recording Dirty Mittens Music Video

Dirty Mittensperforming “Time Forgiver” @ Old Portland Hardware

This episode was huge for us. The number of views this video got in the first few days was pretty impressive. As far as sound goes, I was beat by the time soundcheck rolled around and I wish I had a bit more energy to get the drums dialed in a bit more and get a better room sound. We decided it would be best to run an in ear mix for this shoot so we could cut down on both the gear we had to pack and overall sound during the shoot. This worked fairly well and we’ll be doing more of this in the future. We are considering even moving to an aviom mix to expedite any monitor mixing that might hold us up. Go to for more info on their product. Clem does good work all around so he made up for most of this in the mix. Dirty Mittens is a fun group of kids, a good snapshot of Portland Indy for sure.

Audio Credits
mixed by Clem Abercrombie in Chicago, IL
recorded by James Jacobsen

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