The Penny Jam – Recording The Grokkers episode VIII uploaded
The Grokkers performing “Depraved New World” @ The Green Dragon

This was one of the most fun episodes that we have done to date for sure. We had a great time at the green dragon and I would invite everyone to check it out. During the recording I had planned to get a real tight sound by close miking everything until Clem found a great reverb chamber near the back of the room. This changed my whole look at the video and we changed its feel quite a bit. Matt did a pretty good job on the mix by making the sound huge.

Audio Credits
mixed by Matt Huiskamp
recorded by Clem Abercrombie, James Jacobsen, and Matt Huiskamp

Penny Jam Video Featured On Sam Adams’ Website Aesetic Junkies Video on Sam Adams Website!

The Penny Jam has been trying to promote both local business and music since its beginning. As the weather begins to turn the corner this summer we have found some great outdoor locations to shoot some videos. One of these is the Aesetic Junkies shoot we did under the St. Johns Bridge. The city thought we did a good enough job and wanted to promote what we are doing. Thanks Portland!