The Penny Jam on Willamette Week’s “Local Cut” (again) Dykeritz Video makes local cut!
The Penny Jam

This is the second time the penny jam has made meet made the local cut (WW’s online music blog). We are very proud of this and the Video as well.

The Penny Jam – Recording Dykeritz episode VII uploaded
Dykeritz performing “Big Drapes” @ The Grass Hut

This is the most dynamic penny jam we have done without a doubt. As far as sound goes there wasn’t a whole lot of work to do. We focused on getting a great sound on the drums as they were the only analog instrument in the band. Much thanks to Matt as he chopped up some of the tracks and cleaned them up and did a swell good on the mix. Overall this episode may be the best one we have done to date.

Audio Credits
mixed by Matt Huiskamp
recorded by Clem Abercrombie, James Jacobsen, and Matt Huiskamp

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