Seeking Agreement Sugar Daddy

She has signed up for, a site that helps people interested in dating to find themselves. Sweet dads (and a few sweet moms) pay a monthly fee of $99 a month, giving them unlimited access to the profiles of sweet babies who join the site for free. (Diamond subscriptions for sweet dads cost $200 a month and offer sugar parents search engine optimization and top-of-page promotion for their profiles.) After dipped my toes in the sugar community, I began to adopt the language used by sugar babies and sweet dads in the online world. Experience daddies are those who don`t pay sweet babies in money — just gifts like high-end food, hotel stays and a glamorous vacation. A “Splenda daddy” is a sweet dad with a cheaper budget. And a “salty dad” is just a jolt, especially when they`re doing generosity right in the pants. The profiles of The Sugar Dads of SeekingArrangement contain what they do, supposedly. One man who, for example, has a net worth of $5 million, wrote, “I am looking for time (and money) to spend time (and money) with a potential friend (or friend).” In addition, I quickly realized that anyone who asks you for your banking information to send you money before meeting you is a scammer. A common scam involves sending a check or MoneyGram on your supplement and asking to buy a gift card with the surplus. This scam works on naïve sugar babies who think they have received a great gift when they have actually cashed in money that their bank will eventually find is fake, while the scammer walks away with a free gift card. Becoming a sweet baby requires a lot of patience and willingness to make bad dates before finding someone to pursue a relationship with.

For the uninitiated, “sugar” is a form of dating in which one partner financially supports the other, often in the form of cash or gifts. As a woman in a big city with an appreciation of social deviance, I thought the way of life could suit me. The first steps with a dating profile like a sweet baby is pretty easy. I described my personality and wrote some lovely nicknames that I thought would be attractive to the kind of man with whom I would like to spend time.

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